Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day Three: New Year's Eve

Man, we are so homesick for Michigan….. NOT!!!!
Several students woke up extra early to get a tour of the farm at U.G.A. and learn more about the biodigester, which is a system used that takes waste and uses live cultures to "digest" it. The methane produced from this can then be used for other things, such as cooking in the kitchen.

Although we were sad to leave U.G.A. Monte Verde, we were eager to see more of Costa Rica. We took a very scenic four hour bus ride to Samara, which is a very small beach town. Wow is it beautiful here. We are staying in a cute little hotel here with a wonderful outdoor bar and eating area. We headed to the beach as soon as possible and enjoyed water that was far warmer than Lake Superior can ever dream to be.
It was very interesting to watch the town transform into night life for New Year’s Eve celebrations. There was lovely live music at our hotel and then tons of people on the beach for fireworks. As cool as it is to see how different cultures can be, it is just as much fun to see how similar we are. The beaches were full of young people with bonfires and drinks and everyone was dancing and having a great time just celebrating a new year. The combination of floating lanterns being released, a sky full of stars, and fireworks everywhere was a perfect and beautiful way to celebrate the previous year and welcome a new one.  Afterwards we danced at some local clubs where we were decked out in masks, crowns and beads, which is very similar to the United States.

What a wonderful day and a wonderful year! Happy 2014 everyone!
Time to head out!

Our hotel- Playa Samare

A picture BEFORE we all got sunburnt

The view from the beach

Riding the waves

Having fun in the sun

Monte Verde farm

Monte Verde farm

Monte Verde farm

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