Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 10 and 11: Cabo Blanco

It was a privilege to be able to stay within the park. Cabo Blanco was the first National park in this peninsula and is absolutely beautiful. We took a six-mile round trip hike to a lovely beach where we enjoyed “becoming one with the forest” as David says and relaxed on the secluded beach. On our hike we saw dear, white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys (including a baby one), coatis, and many bird species.
Interesting: the name Cabo Blanco comes from the white of the rocks that result from the guano of the brown booby bird. Also, we learned that all sport hunting has recently been outlawed in Costa Rica as well as owning any animals in your home other than a cat or a dog.

As we check the weather for Marquette and note that the schools there are closed for the third day in a row, we wish we could stay here forever lounging in the warmth. But alas, a ferry is waiting to take us to Alajuela, our last stop before we are homeward bound.

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