Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7, 8, and 9: Karen Mogensen Reserve

This was such a peaceful stay. We hiked up to beautiful views where we were woken every morning by howling monkeys. Our cabins had hammocks where we enjoyed some much needed free time. We took a few hikes to some scenic waterfalls and swam in some natural pools. It was very surreal to swim with monkeys surrounding us. On a night hike, we got to see the gaudy leaf frog (which is the symbol of Costa Rica) and a few other species of frogs.
The wonderful people working at the reserve were like a family away from home and the cooking was so delicious! They have a beautiful research station just waiting for researchers to fall in love with it. We did a service learning project to help clean up the area and a tree was planted in the name of one of our own (Fred) because we donated a good sum of money for the reserve to be able to purchase more forest land.

I will miss having howler monkey wake-up alarms when we leave.

apparatus used to cook the beans! now THAT'S solar power!

Stick bug found on our night hike!

Eggs of the gaudy leaf frog. They are layed on a leaf above the water so that they fall into the water when hatched.

The Fred tree!

Honey bees are starting to be a great way for locals to make money.

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