Sunday, January 4, 2015

Samara and Baulas National Park

We apologize for the delay: a combination of being super busy and lack of wifi!

We left UGA, to head west to the Pacific coast, to Samara. Samara was where we kayaked to an island, snorkeled, and had New Years on the beach. When snorkeling, we saw many brightly colored fish, eels, crabs and starfish. And ate fresh pineapple and watermelon on the beach. Samara was a beautiful beach town, with wonderful people!

We left Samara to head north to Baulas National Park to work with sea turtles. There we met with an employee of the national park, Randal, who shared his passion with us. For two nights we went to the beach to wait for the turtles to come on shore to lay their eggs. Once they laid their eggs, it was our job to collect and relocate them, to keep them safe from poachers. Many of us saw baby turtles hatch and immediately head to the ocean. Another group of us was lucky enough to see a leather back turtle! This was such an incredible rare experience for us. We really appreciated conversation with the biologists and Randal. His passion for the turtles and his work in Costa Rica radiated from him, we were all inspired by his words.

We also went on a boat tour of the mangrove forests where we saw a lot of wildlife and learned about the amazing mangroves in the estuaries of Costa Rica. We are now en route to Mogensen Reserve where we will hike a mile to our cabins and explore some waterfalls! We're all hot and humid, but still having a blast and soaking up our time in the sun!

Pura Vida!

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